Door Automation

With the ever-growing need for door automation to meet with DDA regulations and customer comfort door automation is a rapid part of our customers’ requests, as with all our other products we supply and install the units we install are from the higher quality end of the market. To follow are a few of the brands recommend installing.

Dorma Door Automation


Swing doors offer excellent accessibility within a small opening and the Dorma ED 100 and ED 250 units offer electromechanical swing door drives for a wide range of applications and door weights and door sizes. The Dorma ED100 /250 has become the industry benchmark.

Label Door Automation

Label Automatic Door Solutions

An accomplished and versatile range of operators, the NEPTIS is available in 3 different versions to suit a variety of applications. The 120LET and 250SLT are both spring closers and are suitable for use on doors weighing up to 120kg and 250kg respectively. The 250SMT is a powerful motor closing version, again suitable for doors weighing up to 250kg.

Record Door Automation

The record DFA 127 FULL POWER ‘s  self-monitoring, microprocessor-controlled swing door operator is suitable for a wide range of applications. The path of every door movement is controlled by the microprocessor which evaluates the current door position, the door speed and the final position at every instant to precisely calculate the optimum motion. This eliminates any sudden end-stops, jerky braking actions, or creep speed increases. Safety is also additionally increased by the use of a redundant force limitation option which comes into operation should power to the main operator be lost.

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